WW Sheet-Pan Chicken Fajitas

My boyfriend makes really, really yummy chicken fajitas, but since I had the day off today I decided to give it ago.

I found this WW recipe through the app and thought I would try it. I was interested in seeing how I liked it baked vs cooking on stove top. I had to omit some ingredients because we didn’t have them. This is what I used:

• Avocado Oil Spray
• Boneless Chicken Breast
• Red Bell Pepper
• Yellow Bell Pepper
• Olive Oil
• Ground Cumin
• Chili Powder
• Garlic Powder
• Salt
• Paprika
• A little Avocado
• A little Sour Cream
• Tortilla

Without the Avocado, sour cream and tortilla, it came out to 2 SP on the Blue Freestyle plan.

We really liked it! But since I omitted some of the ingredients, I should have doubled the spices or added some taco seasoning to give it a stronger flavor. I will do that next time. And we definitely like it baked more than making it on stove top!

Bullet Journaling

Have you heard the saying “it takes 21 days to form a habit?”

I have the opportunity to take the next month and a half off from work. I’ll be focusing on my classes and my health.

I couldn’t find my BuJo journal, so I bought a new one today. I decided to make a page to be able to track healthy habits. I’ll see if it really does take 21 days, lol.

I’m the type who needs to plan. I love my planner, it helps me stay organized and motivated. So I know this journal will help me, plus it will help me stay creative!

What good habits do you have? What kinds would you like to have?

WW Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

Boyfriend after first bite “OH! That is goood!” He doesn’t know it is a WW recipe… not that he would have a problem with it!

Mine came out darker in color and not as thick as tikka masala would normally be, but it is still so dang yummy!

Chicken Masala 3SP (per cup)
Cauliflower Rice 0SP
Garlic Naan 8SP

Get the recipe here: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/recipe/slow-cooker-chicken-tikka-masala/5626a63a3d92b3c10eb8da36

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

It is only Thursday… feels like it should be Saturday. We finally signed up for Disney+ and have been watching too much TV lol. We watched WandaVision and now on to season two of The Mandalorian. This last episode had spiders… big spiders… and I don’t do any sized spiders. So I was off to the kitchen to bake!

I have a few bananas that need to be used… this happens every time I buy them lol.

I found this Healthy Banana Muffins recipe from Cookie + Katie. Best banana muffin recipe I’ve tried yet!

  • I substituted 1 tsp baking soda with 4 tsp baking powder
  • I added 1 cup of chocolate chips

I hope you try this recipe! If so, be sure to give a shout out to Cookie + Katie!