Thanks for stopping by! It’s pretty random here, but expect to find recipes, essential oil info, and tidbits about my life. Enjoy!

Hello Fresh

We received our first Hello Fresh box last Wednesday. It has been fun making something new for dinner each night! We decided to try it out because we have been so busy this semester. I’m taking 3 classes plus doing an internship; boyfriend is working, teaching and taking 1 class. If I don’t plan/prepare the … Continue reading Hello Fresh

brain dump

I feel like I did not sleep well. I am mentally bored right now and have the hiccups. I hate hiccups, they take forever to stop and gives me a headache every time I get them. Cat is annoyed about it. Me too, my darling, me too. It is already half way through the semester. … Continue reading brain dump

Chicken Enchiladas

A taco truck recently came to town and I crave their chicken enchiladas every week. Since we went to Las Vegas last month, we have been trying to cut down on our spending. I’ve always thought enchiladas were complicated to make until I came across Easy Chicken Enchiladas recipe by I had all the … Continue reading Chicken Enchiladas

Las Vegas 2021

We just got back Sunday (6/27) and it has been hard to get back into routine. We were supposed to be back Thursday (6/24), but our flight was canceled. I have to say that we are not really impressed with Allegiant Air. Their prices seem cheap, but they add fee after fee. What was supposed … Continue reading Las Vegas 2021

Grilled Salmon Filets

I wanted something different than our usual chicken, beef and pork. My boyfriend isn’t really a fish fan (except for sushi), but he agreed to have salmon for dinner! I talked to a few friends to see how they prepare their salmon and there are so many different ways! Some friends added vegetables in with … Continue reading Grilled Salmon Filets

Staycation April 2021

The last couple of months, we have been waiting for our long weekend! Took us awhile to figure out what we wanted to do.. very limited right now because of Covid…

Bullet Journaling

Have you heard the saying “it takes 21 days to form a habit?” I have the opportunity to take the next month and a half off from work. I’ll be focusing on my classes and my health. I couldn’t find my BuJo journal, so I bought a new one today. I decided to make a … Continue reading Bullet Journaling


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