Young Living’s NingXia Red

First things first– Happy Easter! ❤ I hope everyone has a lovely day. We had a late start today, but that is okay, we didn’t really have any plans because of social distancing. I think we are making a Weight Watchers version of buttered chicken tonight. Yuummm! Okay! Now, let’s talk about NingXia Red. I have toContinue reading “Young Living’s NingXia Red”

“Sleep Heavy” Pillow Spray

It is finals week! I don’t have any finals, but my boyfriend does. I do have two papers due Monday night, though. 😦 I haven’t been sleeping well all week, and it is definitely catching up to me today.  I’ve been busy with projects and papers- staying up until 2-2:30 AM. And we saw Avengers:Continue reading ““Sleep Heavy” Pillow Spray”