Procrastination at its finest…

I’m really procrastinating right now. Laundry buzzed 30 minutes ago and the more I think about an assignment that is due tonight, the more my head hurts from the stress. It’s so easy to get up and just do things that need to be done, but at the same time so hard! 😩

Boyfriend got most of the yard done yesterday evening.. the weed eater ran out of string. But I feel somewhat better. No one can see our backyard but knowing it was a jungle really bothered me 😅 Now we need to clear out our garden plots. I think there is still time to get our seedlings for fall started? 🤔

I said in yesterday’s post that Ratatouille was on the menu for tonight, but we decided to save it for another day. Mainly because I didn’t fall asleep until 4am and my boyfriend wanted me to sleep in longer. So sweet!

I’ve been in the “clean up my social media” accounts mood the last few days. I have a few different instagram accounts, and spent some time yesterday unfollowing inactive accounts. And I just spent a good chunk of time going through my Reader. I have been following a lot of inactive blogs and some that I have no interest in. Not sure how that happened. Also, I wasn’t getting notifications for the ones I really look forward to reading… that took forever to figure out haha.

I was following a food blog – I was under the impression it was going to be someone showing recipes they enjoy and what not… instead every 20 minutes was a reblog of someone’s post. Reblogging is great, but sometimes they were just pictures and trying to navigate to the original post so I can see the recipe was difficult. Or maybe I am just too impatient? I dont know. But reblogging every 20 minutes made it hard for me keep up with other blogs because they’d get lost in the mix. So I unfollowed 😕 I have this person’s website URL memorized so I will visit when I need inspiration. I really do enjoy their site.

Okay, I never got around to posting this early today. I ended up doing pretty much all the laundry (have 1 more load to go into the washer) and I worked on my paper all day. Turns out it was a mid-term on the last two books we read: Under a White Sky and There There.

My boyfriend listens to the audiobooks with me (I also read it on Kindle). It’s nice that he does because we get to discuss it after.

During and immediately after finished Under a White Sky, I decided I didn’t really like it. I started over about 5 times. As I was writing my answer to the discussion prompt, the more I thought about it and realized that I really did enjoy the book. We discussed how this books really helps us see how humans impact the environment. And I have to note that because of this book, I’ve learned so much about Asian Carp, lol. To know that they grow to be approximately 80 pounds and can seriously injure an individual is quite frightening!

There There was an excellent book! I’m studying psychology and criminology so a lot of it I have already learned about or it piqued my interest. Reading the perspective from those who have experienced such trauma is really an eye opener. It really makes us think about how humans impacted the Native American culture. My junior high and high school lightly touched on the events, so reading this book was educational.

I’ve already started on the next two books. I think I’m going to enjoy this week’s books.

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