hello and thank you for visiting!

I’ve had this blog for more than 10 years and it has gone through several different names and face lifts. I’ve archived earlier posts because who really wants to read the random thoughts from my 20’s? I sure don’t, haha! Currently there isn’t a focus to this website… just random tidbits about my life, my interests, find recipes I’ve tried, tips & tricks, etc… I hope you enjoy!

I am a full-time student majoring in psychology with a minor in sociology (focusing on criminology) and will be graduating next year! I currently spend my time working as a crisis counselor and on occasion, I work in an office as a receptionist. I am also a portrait & wedding photographer and have had my business for more than 10 years! I work part-time though and eventually would like to go full-time.

I spend my free time listening to audio books or podcasts about true crime, business and mental health. I have a little collection of houseplants and hoping to have a nice little garden in the Spring.

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