Happy Pi Day!

Pizza and a chicken pot pie

Tuesday, 3.14 – Does anyone else celebrate Pi Day? I never did until I met my boyfriend. In previous years, we’ve made pies with friends. We went to Costco to pick up a pizza pie, and they didn’t have any (dessert) pies!!! Can you believe it? It’s so weird. I’ve seen on Tik Tok that they came out with a peanut butter chocolate pie, but it sounds like it’s only select stores right now.

Since it was on a Tuesday, it was a little harder for us to get together, but at least one friend (out of 7) made it over. We found out that another friend of ours had a stroke, well, technically three. Our friend said he is recovering well. There are no signs of a stroke.

Initially, they thought it was from him sleeping in his car during his road trip, but concluded it was from snowboarding a few weeks ago, and he hit his head. He wasn’t wearing a helmet, and when he went off a jump, a little girl skied right into his path. He bailed to avoid crashing into her. He had a pretty bad headache later, so he went to the ER. They did the standard tests – if his girlfriend was there (she’s a nurse, and works there; my old work), she would have had them do more, but he didn’t know, so he didn’t push for anything. He didn’t show any signs other than the headache. But his headache persisted, I think he went again (alone) and didn’t really get any other results. When his headache was really bad again, his girlfriend was home, so she went with him and they did more tests (mri, etc) they realized the damage at the base of his skull. So scary!

I can’t believe that it is mid-March already, I swear that the 1st was just last week! It is finally spring break! My days are usually busy with classes and various appointments like physical therapy, counseling, and seeing our dietician. I’ve had some highs and some low (more shitty) moments.

Monday, 3.13 – This is Hitch. He was 10 years old. He passed away yesterday. He was technically my boyfriend’s mom’s cat, but he was the family cat. He has always had a respiratory problem, but the last few years, it wasn’t that great, but it would get better from time. His mom said that he stopped eating Friday (or Saturday), so she took him in, and they pointed at his tummy and showed how hard he was trying to breathe. She called my boyfriend, so we raced there. The vet tech had an oxygen mask on his face because he would gasp for air. I think he was happy to see my boyfriend. I’ve always felt that he was his person. Once he we got there, he was fighting the vet tech trying to get the face mask off, so she stopped trying to keep his face in it. He perked up and was acting curious, and then he started purring when my boyfriend petted him. It’s so hard because when you see them so perked up, you’re like, “Okay, you’re feeling better. Let’s take you home, but the vet said he was really struggling. We all said goodbye and were with him, ugly crying, while they put him to sleep. I’m crying as I’m writing this. I wanted to be a vet for the longest time when I was a kid, but I wouldn’t be able to do it. The vet and vet tech were very stoic, I bet it was very hard for them, but their energy didn’t feel like they were empathetic and they handled him roughly until the end when she wrapped him in the blanket and took him away. I pointed that out to my boyfriend (in the car), and he said he noticed it too. We decided we won’t be taking our pets there.

These were a few pictures of him that I had taken over the last 8 years of knowing him. We lived in his mom’s basement apartment for a year or so, so he hung out with us a lot.

The top left photo was from when I had the day off. He just came down and hung out in our bed with me.

The top right photo we were sad because he came home in rough shape. He either got into a fight or got tangled up in a tree or something. So we put some ointment on him and just snuggled.

The bottom left photo was when we were watching a movie, he came and hung out with us.

The bottom right photo was when they were piled up on me. My boyfriend was lying on me and then he was lying on him, it was so cute! ☺️

Hitch is on the left, looking at the camera. This was Thanksgiving 2019. My boyfriend’s mom was traveling internationally, and we were taking care of the cats (the one coming out of the carrier is her other one, Bitty). We thought it would be easier if we brought them over… Hitch did well with our two cats (our cats were not happy, but then got curious), but Bitty doesn’t like other animals, so she was mean, stayed in our room the whole time and peed on the bed. 🤦🏽‍♀️

This last image is, well, a little story I made. This was when we lived with his mom, and Hitch came down to visit me while I was playing around with my camera. It was perfect timing, fun, and very cute. 😍

Bitty was mean to Hitch, but I think she will miss his presence. When we left the vet, we went to lunch with his mom. She called it his wake. On the way over, my boyfriend and I talked about how it’ll be heartbreaking when it’s time for our pets to go. Our three cats and dog are all close with one another, so it’ll be even more heartbreaking to see them sad when one of them is gone. Great, I’m crying again! Hitch was a very cool cat, and he will be missed 🐾❤️

Tuesday, 3.7 – It was Pilot’s (would be) 20th birthday. He’s the one in the photo. My family got him my junior year in H.S. Don’t do the math – I’m old, lol. And he was with me until I moved to Montana. I totally would have taken him with me, but I knew he would be happier at my parents’ house. They had a huge yard, whereas I would live in an apartment, plus it’s hard to find places that allow pets. Which is dumb. A few years ago, I heard our city was the second most friendliest dog city, New York, being the first.

Monday, 3.6 – My boyfriend almost died last Monday – he woke up unable to breathe really well, so we took him to the ER. Turns out that he had tonsillitis and his tonsils were very large. They took up about 97% of the space, and they said we got there in time. They hooked him up to an IV and gave him antibiotics and steroids. He didn’t have to have surgery then, but he is scheduled to see a specialist in a couple of weeks.

Monday, 2.27 – The hospital switched over to a new system, so they had to terminate my employment because I’ve only been able to work 12 hours in the last year. Most of those hours were mandatory computer training 🙃 They asked that once my schedule opens up to contact them ASAP. It’s nice to know that they still want me. I wasn’t too bummed because I hemmed and hawed about leaving because of my schedule, so they made the decision for me, lol.

My assistant, Mer 🙂

Wednesday, 3.1 – If you’ve been following me for some time, you may have read that I’m a photographer. On the 1st, my friend (she was my assistant) and I went up into the mountains to photograph this couple. They flew in from Tennessee to read their vows here in Motana. You can read my blog post and see more photos here.

FB/IG/TikTok – @lemon.lilacs.photography

I have a few more projects coming up and it’s exciting to be this busy with my business again. 😌 I’m also still photographing vacation rental homes and got an email yesterday from the editing team that I’m doing really well and they look forward to editing more of my work ☺️

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave me a comment, even if it is just to say hi!

I hope you have a great week!

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