DIY Dry Shampoo Spray

Hello! How are you doing? I wanted to get on here and share a Dry Shampoo recipe from The Krazy Coupon Lady! Check out her page- she has a recipe for dry shampoo powder and even a hair detangler spray. I got my hair done last week and need to be careful or else theContinue reading “DIY Dry Shampoo Spray”

DIY Mask Spray

I spend most of my time at home because I work from home and do school online. Because of this, I haven’t really had to wear a mask unless someone stopped by or we leave the house. School started this week, so that means I will have to get used to wearing my masks forContinue reading “DIY Mask Spray”

Allergy Relief – Diffuser & Roller Blend

I used to suffer from really bad allergies. I had a love/hate relationship with Benadryl. It was the only medication that was most helpful, but I was always so tired and sluggish. I really wish that I had discovered this blend years ago— I no longer have to stock up on allergy medications! When IContinue reading “Allergy Relief – Diffuser & Roller Blend”

Happy Tummy Roller Blend

One thing that sucks about concussions is that you never know when you’re really getting better. These last two weeks have been rough, I feel like I did when I first had my accident! Fatigue, headaches, eye aches, light sensitivity and upset stomach. I took a drop of DiGize under the tongue, and let meContinue reading “Happy Tummy Roller Blend”