One of my most favorite things to do for the new year is go shopping for a new planner. I am ridiculously obsessed. At one point in my life, I literally had three planners! But, the last couple of years, I have been able to just use one 🙂

Something about the crisp, clean pages give me hope for new beginnings. And I definitely need that for 2021.

December hasn’t been a busy month. The highlight has been my mom visiting. I haven’t spent the holiday season with my parents in almost seven years – right before I moved to Montana. So it has been a blast having her here. The first thing we did was get a Christmas tree and decorate the house. We did a lot of shopping – havent shopped this much in a long time (pre-covid days).

I got some new winter boots that need stretching, clothes, a Dutch oven, new pans and a Fitbit! And earlier this month she bought me a new camera… which was supposed to be my Christmas and birthday present rolled into one. I am very grateful 🙂

So boyfriend and I were just talking about 2021. School is from mid-January to end of April. Depending on Covid, we will most likely be traveling. He has some work to do in Europe for a few days, so I’ll tag along and we will travel around for a few weeks. It would be a very much needed vacation!

Other than that, plus puppy training, I am not sure what else we have planned.

Puppy has been a handful. He’s only 15 weeks and is learning every day. He talks back and definitely let’s us know when he disagrees with us. Barks loudly and a lot, especially in your face or ear. He sometimes refuses to go on walks, which I do not understand. I read Corgis can get bored quickly, though. We will be enrolling him into preschool, so hoping that’ll help with his boredom. He just got his second round of shots, so we can possibly start taking him to dog parks. He loves meeting new people and other dogs. His new fascination is the garage and has discovered he can go through the cat door. We’ve caught him sitting in the cat box *barf* I am hoping he grows out of that quickly!

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