Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone enjoyed their little holiday! It’s been busy the last 2-3 weeks. I’m working on a separate post about Eryn and Meghan’s visit. I hope to get that done real soon!

I basically have started working again… I’ve already had 5 shoots in the last week. *crazy eyes* I photographed real estate, one senior session, one family session, a Run for Your Life event, and a Corgiween Party (Corgi Club’s Halloween party). I have 2 galleries to finish, plus my Coven shoot! That was a really fun experience, and I learned a lot for next year. Most of the girls have expressed that they want to be a part of next year’s Halloween shoot, lol.

He attended the Corgi Halloween Party ☺️
Pup, pup and away!

Now it’s time to get caught up with school work and figure out a better routine that way I can utilize my time better.

My boyfriend met a couple at the park in our neighborhood and we have had two puppy play dates with them so far. Their little dog is 3 months older than ours, about the same size and matching energy levels. The guy works at the game store that we’ve been planning to attend their board game nights on Mondays or Thursdays.

We actually went this evening! We figured it wouldn’t be too busy with it being Halloween and we wanted our first to be pretty chill. Everyone in the room knew each other, nobody said anything to us, but that is okay. I grabbed the most familiar game off the shelf and we played… Ticket to Ride Europe and he beat me by nine pts lol.

We are trying to get out more and make new friends. It’s hard… but more scary! Haha! But we will get there. If we don’t meet anyone, it’s okay. We need to get out of the house more and spend quality time together rather than being on our phones or laptops all the time.

I need to log off now, so good night! Please let me know how you’re doing and how you spent your Halloween Holiday! Take care 🙂