A midnight event told by a dog & cat

Around 1:30 AM we had a very interesting event happen in our home. By the way our 8-month-old pup was growling and barking, I thought someone had broken into our house. Turns out, one of our cats invited one his cat friends inside. This has never happened before. We were surprised that they came upstairs! Below is how we think our dog and cat would tell the story. Hahaha


Dear Dog Diary,

I am so proud of myself! I was laying on my travel pillow trying to fall asleep when I sensed a presence in the hallway. I started growling and barking, telling them to get out of our house. When I walked out into the hallway, I see Spencer and one of his friends. We never invite our friends inside! I don’t think we are even allowed to! So I kept telling them to go before they got in trouble. I was trying really hard to be big and intimidating, but I don’t think they took me that seriously, probably because of my travel pillow on my neck.

Dad and Mom came out of the room to see who I was talking to and I guess I was a little too excited because Dad locked me in the bedroom. I don’t know what happened after that, but my parents came back and told me that I was a really good boy! I love it when they call me that!


Dear Cat Diary,

It was a nice, sunny day today. With the exception of coming home to eat here and there, I had been outside most of the day, hanging out with friends and patrolling the neighborhood.

Sometime during the late afternoon, I ran into my dad and my brother, Einstein. They were going on their daily walk so I decided to tag along. My brother is cool. I didn’t like him at first because he barked a lot and always chased me around the house. He keeps growing and now he is bigger than me. One of his favorite games is to see if he can fit my whole head in his mouth. Mom doesn’t like it. She is always yelling at him to stop and sometimes I get in trouble too because she thinks I am in pain, but it is really just part of our game.

Einstein tries to play with our sister, Blair, but she doesn’t like him as much. She likes to spend most of her days sleeping on the couch. We don’t play or hangout together as much as we used to, but that’s okay because I have a few cat friends that I can hangout with. They sometimes come over and we sit in the yard or in our neighbor’s yard. Sometimes I go to their house.


Last night, I thought I would be cool and invite my friend inside (we will call this friend Tom). The house was quiet, so I figured Einstein was asleep. I knew Blair wasn’t sleeping, she was out patrolling the neighborhood. We came into the house from the back. our parents had installed a small door for us kids. I showed Tom around the kitchen and living room, and we decided to go up the stairs to show him the bedrooms.

We were walking down the hallway when all of a sudden we hear Einstein growling and barking. I have never heard him talk like this before! He comes out of our parents room wearing his donut (he had surgery last week). He was yelling at Tom to get out of the house. Tom and I got scared so we ran into the bathroom. All of a sudden, Dad comes out. He looks confused and sleepy. Turns out he couldn’t see because he didn’t have his glasses on. By the time Mom gives him his glasses, I had run into the laundry room and Tom was on the bathroom counter. Dad tried to catch Tom, but he escaped and ran into the office. He was going the wrong way! I was really scared, so I ran downstairs to hide behind the couch. Eventually Tom made it down the stairs and went out the small door. Mom told me it was okay for inviting a friend over but next time we need to tell them. I wonder what Tom will tell our friends. I hope they will still think I am cool.

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