Instant Pot Shredded Chicken

I have a hard time shredding chicken using two forks due to tendinitis in my arms. Using a hand mixer has always been recommended, but I could never get it to work… until this last time!

I always boiled the chicken and then used the hand mixer, but the chicken was always too dry which made it very difficult to shred.

This last time I used my Instant Pot and it turned out perfect!

Here is what I did. Note: I don’t add seasoning to my chicken, but feel free to do so!

  • Frozen chicken breast(s)
  • Chicken broth
    • 1 cup of broth per 1 pound of chicken breast
  • Set your Instant Pot to manual 》 high setting
  • Cook time: 15 minutes
    • Always check to make sure your chicken has an internal temp of 165°F before consuming. Add more time if needed.
  • After the cook time has completed, allow your Instant Pot to naturally release pressure for at least 10 minutes before opening.
  • Turn off your Instant Pot and release the remaining air by pushing the pressure value (be careful!).
  • Using mittens, carefully remove the inner pot and place on the counter.
  • Do not drain the broth, it will help with shredding.
  • Using a handheld mixer, shred the chicken breasts.
    • Do this on the lowest setting because the broth will splash and could burn you!
  • Enjoy!

I hope this works out for you as it did for me! If you don’t have one already, I recommend a SteamMate! It directs the steam sideways so you don’t have to worry about having to clean your ceilings later. This is the one we bought! 🙂

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