3 years ago…

We made an adult decision and bought our first home! After we signed the papers, we had an hour to wait before we could start moving in… so we decided to head to the animal shelter to look at dogs.

One hour later, we setup our first piece of furniture in our home… a cat castle! Yup, we left the animal shelter with two black kittens. They were from different litters. Two months old.

Blair, who was originally named Blake (after Blake Lively) was the first one to be picked out. She was the loudest one in the room with her little mews! My boyfriend couldn’t resist. The animal shelter had an “adopt one, get another one 1/2 off” deal so we said why not?

I went across the room and was looking at this one kitten. My arm was down at my side and Bono (we named him Spencer after Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds) reached out and wrapped his paw around my finger. I didn’t spend anymore seconds deciding he was coming home with us.

I’ve always heard that animals pick their owners, but I’ve never had that happen before. It is funny how it turned out. Spencer didn’t come out of his little cat bucket for the first 3 days. My boyfriend had to force him out, he was so shy and scared. I certainly was not expecting that with how he reached out to me.

And here we are. 3 years later. My boyfriend is Spencer’s person and I am Blair’s… don’t get me wrong, Spencer loves me and snuggles and comes when I call, but he gravitate more to my boyfriend. The same goes for Blair with my boyfriend.

They were inseparable when they were kittens. Blair was fearless and Spencer followed her. They snuggled all the time, sometimes hugging each other or with their noses touching. I had never seen such a bond before!

Now that they are older, they don’t snuggle as often. Blair always wants to groom Spencer when they lay next to each other, then he tries to groom her while she’s grooming him and it turns into this little cat fight, lol.

Now we have our dog Einstein and our other kitten Roux. What a full house! We love our little family, and hope to eventually add one more dog, but that could be years from now.

I still can’t believe it has been 3 years… it somehow feels less than 3 but more than 3 years if that makes sense at all! I guess it doesn’t help that we still have many, many boxes to unpack and I still have a lot of walls to decorate 🙃

4 thoughts on “3 years ago…

    1. I’d say more than half of my pets have been from the shelter. It’s so hard leaving there because I just want to take them all. I’ve never have taken in any strays, but I haven’t come across too many. I cannot imagine my life without pets! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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