Hunt A Killer: Murder at the Motel

“A murder at a small, 10-room motel. A village in the middle of the Nevada desert, full of suspects. An escaped convict. Multiple love triangles. When out of town contractor, Julian Foard, is found dead in one of the rooms by the on-site housekeeper Veronica, the police suspect a known fugitive is to blame. Veronica needs your help to bring Julian’s true murderer to justice. Welcome to The Sunset Motel.”

If you know me, I’ve always loved mysteries since I was a child. So I was pretty excited when I came across the Hunt A Killer board game series on Amazon.

It was around my birthday (January) when I came across one the games at Target. We bought it and I waited for the perfect moment to play it. 1-5 players could play, but I didn’t want to play alone and my boyfriend isn’t too big into these types of games. It’s one of those “play only once” kind of games unless you play with different people… but you already know who the killer is, so that wouldn’t be fun after awhile.

Well, I brought it with us to Washington last May and played it with my two best friends. The game says it takes about 45-60 minutes to slove… nearly 3 hours later, we were still figuring things out. Granted, it was passed midnight and we were running off fumes.

We didn’t get back to the game until this evening, over video chat! We started from scratch and kept running back to the same possibilities. We had my boyfriend look at the answer and tell us if we were right. First time, nope! Second time we got it, but we had to figure out the motive… then we got it!

It probably shouldn’t have taken us 3 hours, but it was a lot of fun spending time with friends! We plan to turn this into a monthly thing 😀

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