Stacy’s Dad…

Saw my foot doctor and one of my stitches didn’t look that great, so I have to go back in two weeks.. which means physical therapy won’t start until 2-4 weeks depending on how well this stitch heals by then. He prescribed me antibiotics. I was a little frustrated today though. He says he’s big on communication but everything we went over this appointment he said I should have already been doing already, but he never told us anything two weeks ago. His assistant said I shouldn’t be taking Ibuprofen anymore, I should have been taking Tylenol instead. He said that I didn’t have to sleep in a boot anymore. He asked why I hadn’t been using the antibacterial spray when I changed my bandages (because they never gave me a bottle 2 weeks ago when they should have *shrug*). A lot more was said. But glad things are getting better. I am a little more free now. If I’m just going to be sitting around or even sleeping, I don’t need the boot. I can put a little weight on my foot as long as it is completely flat on the ground. Also, at the end of the appointment he realized the boot I’ve been in for the last month was waaaay too big for me. Got me a small and it’s perfect – not too heavy and looks cute haha. šŸ˜€

Another frustrating thing today was the vet’s office. After the damage that was done to our kitten’s leg during surgery (was the last straw), we’ve been really thinking of switching vets – with all the events the last few months, I havent had a chance to to my research on smaller clinics. I have not been impressed with them the past 2 years. But we had an appointment today for shots for 2 cats and dog. I figured they couldn’t mess that up.

This always happens – we go there and the assistant always asks if we have questions for the vet. I ask my question and then the vet comes in and never addresses it until I ask again. Today, I just had a behavior question (dog), and said that I looked it up online but wanted to consult with her. She basically said not everything online is true – seriously? That is why I’m consulting with you. And she didn’t even have an answer – totally fine. She said (as they always say) that she would do some research and let us know. We never hear back about it. Then she tells us one of the cat has tartar build up. I’ve never had to deal with that with any of my pets my whole life. Instead of asking if I need info, she just skips on to the next topic. Then I backed up and asked her what we should do about it. So frustrating!

Good things that happened today – went to lunch at our favorite place!

It’s Prime Day, did you get anything?

I wanted to buy a few things, including a new gaming headset for my PC but it was a last minute decision and became too stressful trying to pick out one that I liked, plus I can wait. But I got a new Crock Pot! The one we currently have is 4.5 quarts. It’s perfect for 2-3 servings, but I want left overs to cut down on the cooking. Also, it’s a manual and I’ve been wanting a digital one so I don’t need to be home to switch it to the warm setting when the timer is up. Since it was Prime Day, thought I would get one… except all the ones on Amazon had scary reviews so I bought one from Target that was on sale. Trying to figure out what to make in it tomorrow. Can’t wait!

I’m loving this version by Sub-Radio!

Also! My boyfriend sent me this video because I always enjoy rocking out to Stacy’s Mom by Bowling for Soup – brings me back to summer days in high school.

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