Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

I used my new Crock Pot last night and made House of Yumm’s Slow Cooker Turkey Chili. It came out perfect! I did modify the recipe a bit because I didn’t want to go to the story for ingredients.

Instead of adding a can of diced green chiles, the can of diced tomatoes had diced green chiles in it. I also added a tablespoon of minced garlic because our family loves garlic, lol. Find their recipe here:

House of Yumm’s Award Winning Turkey Chili

Last night was DnD night. We have been playing about once or twice a week! We know it’ll change once school starts at the end of August. We play over Discord. My two best friends live in Washington and one of them is the DM. The rest of us live in the same area. My friends will be visiting in October, so that’ll be a lot of fun having everyone together.

I finished “Under the White Sky,” for my class. It was okay. I started over about five times by the time I was able to focus and finish it. Now I am reading through “There There,” our second book of the week. This one is more interesting. We have about 2 or 3 weeks left of this class. I cannot wait.

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