Quick Study Break.

Taking a little break from studying to write a post since it’s been a week! My mind has been so overwhelmed, I am often in the “freeze” state. I get to the point where I cannot physically move and I hit a mental stone wall where I cannot Kool-Aid Man my way through it or even attempt to climb over. So I shut down. I skip my responsibilities and check-out by playing video games or binge Netflix. So I am basically still driving the struggle bus.

My foot is still healing, I have had many, many setbacks. Which is probably one of the larger reasons why I am feeling overwhelmed. I basically have a tiny hole that is not wanting to scab over, and my podiatrist said that if it doesn’t heal up by the end of the September he is going to have to send me to the Wound Clinic. I was talking with a friend and her husband had the same problem. Turns out the stitches didn’t dissolve and that is why the hole in his leg wasn’t healing. He had to go to the Wound Clinic and she said it was a rough time for the whole family. I am not looking forward to that. This foot has been so much trouble. It seemed very promising at the beginning of my healing process, but keeps getting worse. I am still in a walking boot and am still not supposed to do a lot of walking. My partner was driving me to and from school so I don’t have to walk across campus, but my podiatrist got me temporary handicap sign, so now I can park in any handicap parking spot on campus. All of my classes are in the same building and there is a parking lot that is two minutes from my building. I am so happy! I still haven’t started work and am not sure when that will happen. I really want to go back, I do not have any money at the moment, so I am very limited as to what I can do, which doesn’t help me mentally and physically.

With being so overwhelmed, I am surprised that I have had the ability to be in a creative space. Perhaps it is what is keeping me from shutting down completely. Usually Fall/Winter is when my photography business gets busy with weddings, senior and holiday portraits. I already had a bride reach out and book me for her wedding next summer. I had scheduled a phone interview with another bride (her request), but she didn’t answer and never called back or replied to my e-mail. At least let the photographer know you’ve changed your mind! Later this week, I am traveling 1.5 hours out of town to photograph a band! We have been talking about doing this shoot for the last… two years? So I am very excited! Then next week, I am supposed to have one last summer session with two friends. We talked about doing a water theme, but it is supposed to get a little colder, so I don’t know if I want them swimming in the lake lol. I also decided to finally do my Halloween project that I’ve been wanting to do these past few years. The theme is Coven, and I have seven witches and one (maybe two) assistants. We have been working on this the last few months! I just really hope that it doesn’t snow in October…

Here are a few photos from part I witch photoshoot. These were taken in 2020:

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I am majoring in psychology with a minor in Sociology (criminology focus). For awhile now, I’ve been thinking of incorporating psychology and sociology into this blog. I think it would be fun, informational and hopefully helpful for others. So, just wanted to let you know that it’ll be coming in the new future 😊

2 thoughts on “Quick Study Break.

  1. Sorry about your foot. That sounds really frustrating. Judging from these pictures, the witch photoshoot looks pretty interesting! I like the one where the witch is reading at the base of the tree, haha!

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    1. Hi, thanks for reading and your comment! This photoshoot was a lot of fun and very last minute so we didn’t really have time to plan, lol. That photo is one of my favorites as well! These aren’t all the photos. I’ve had a few people question what she was doing reading in the woods, lol… 🤔


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