It’s only Monday…

And the week already feels too long! I saw my podiatrist on Wednesday. He remembered that I said I don’t want to go to the Wound Clinic, although he said no wound vac because my wound is too small (phew), we are trying a second round of antibiotics and butterfly bandaids. He may have to do a little sewing if this doesn’t help. Please send good vibes!

Friday I had a wonderful time photographing my friend’s band. We have been talking about this shoot for the past 2 years and we all finally found a day that worked! I’m super excited with how these turned out, cannot wait to finish editing them!

We went to several locations and they were challenging. I finally have started wearing regular shoes and silly me decided to start the day of the photoshoot instead of before. I’m not supposed to be walking not even a mile, and we walked over 4 miles up and down hills. I thought my foot was going to fall off, lol. I had to spend the Saturday and Sunday resting and sleeping, I was so wiped!

This was my second trip to Butte, Montana and the last part of our photoshoot, we walked around Uptown. They showed me all the film backdrops that are setup around town for the new TV series 1923, a prequel to Yellowstone. Click here to read about it. So Harrison Ford has been around town! I have lived here for about 8 years now, and I have yet to see a celebrity. They are around a lot, but I would never intentionally bother them. I’d just be starstruck 😆

Warning!!! This next part is very upsetting… especially if you love dogs.

I usually try to keep my posts light and more on the neutral or calm side, but I have been thinking about this non-stop since this morning and the more I think about it, the angrier I get.

This morning I woke up to an email from Reddit. I generally don’t log into Reddit but one of the headlines caught my attention. The story is that of a woman in Montana who shot and skinned a wolf (I believe this happened Friday, 10/23/22). She posed with it and posted pictures on Facebook. Many people got fired up and argued with her because she obviously had caught and skinned a Husky! I was immediately fueled with anger. I told my boyfriend about it and he said he saw it a few days ago and intentionally did not tell me about it.

I read all the comments and did more searching. The husky did not have an owner. Previous owners had left their dogs in the woods and they had puppies so they have been running around living in the wild. Authorities have been contacted so an investigation regarding this woman has been set in motion. I’m just so shocked and speechless.

  • I have never really understood hunting for fun and I probably will never understand it.
  • How could this woman not know the difference between a wolf and a Husky? Many comments mentioned how a second grader could tell the difference. I agree! Oh, and it was confirmed that it was a dog, not a wolf.
  • She didn’t even have a hunting permit when she went hunting. The Game Warden confirmed that she didn’t get one until after she killed the dog.
  • She tried to convince everyone that it was a wolf pup — even if it was a wolf, you’re not supposed to be hunting and killing any kind of baby animal.
  • Someone was with her because you can tell that someone took her photos (they are NSFW). And I wonder what they thought, etc.
  • There was another lady who was backing up this lady saying that she was going to go find the rest of the dogs to kill and skin them. Then she proceeded to threaten the commenter that she better keep her dog away or she would kill them too. Like wtf is going on!? What is wrong with people!?
  • I’m worried that they are going to let her off easy when she pleads it was an accident that she thought it was a wolf. And all that they would do is give her a fine for hunting without a permit.
  • I am wondering if there is something that our community can do it seek justice for the dogs.

I’ve been sick all day from thinking about this and holding in my anger. This semester I’m taking a class called Animals and Society. I’ve been debating if I should email my teacher about this story so he could decide if he wants to look into it and discuss it in class, or maybe someone else will bring it up in class. But I’m guessing the latter will happen. I’m more on the introverted side, but I am so fired up about this, I may raise my hand and start this discussion if no one else brings it up.

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