Merry Christmas!

My sleep schedule according to Fitbit

Merry Christmas Eve! I have been up since around 4:30 AM. My sleep schedule has been terrible this week. Yesterday, I slept all day, as in I didn’t get up until almost 4 PM. Hopefully, I will fall asleep after writing this post.

We are celebrating Christmas this evening because that is what my partner’s mother preferred. It doesn’t really bother me much. We will have our traditional Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner: ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and some kind of dessert.

I just bought Top Gun & Maverick on Prime, the last of his gifts. I am debating if I should tell him when he wakes up (so we can watch it during the day), wait until this evening when we open presents, or not tell him at all and he can find out himself 😂

I’ve been spending less time on my phone, and when I am on it, I’m usually scrolling through photography groups (I like to answer questions to help new photographers out) or watching reels for that quick dopamine fix. My depression is setting in, which is late this year, but I’ve been anticipating it, so I guess I’m handling it better by trying to focus more on positive and non-stressful situations. I feel like there are a lot of negative and stressful situations around me, and I’m spending the little energy I have trying to help others see that it’ll be okay and to see the positive in the situation. I’ll come back to this later in another post.

It made me really happy to hear that my BFF got the job she applied for, and another friend received the (minimum) raise she wanted. That’ll help them both in the New Year!

So it has me thinking (again) about the upcoming new year. What changes do I want to make this year? 🤔 Good question, Tara. Besides wanting to work more, specifically photography, and finishing school this New Year, I want to do a little traveling and work on more personal growth (I have decided to write a separate post about this later).

My birthday is next month, as well as our 8 year anniversary. I’m not sure what we will do for both events, but they are both right before school starts.

A couple of nights ago, I made a list of books that I want to read in 2023. I will be adding more to the list, but if you have read any of them, please let me know if they are worth my time, lol. Also, if you are goodreads, please send me a friend request!

Last time I went to New York.

Last night, we discussed spending our spring break in New York! I haven’t been in almost 20 years, and apparently, he went shortly before we met. I said that I’d want to see a Broadway show and brought up the idea that maybe his sister would want to join us – she and her husband live in D.C. and it will be her birthday that week. He texted her, and she said she would be interested! So now I just need to get an idea of what I want to do there, as well as find a pet sitter.

I hope to blog at least once a week. I already have a few ideas of what to blog about!

But I should sign off now. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and please comment below what you did and/or how it went! I’ll do a follow-up post soon (probably after New Years Day).

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