Prepping for the New Year.

Today was a busy day, I feel like I need more hours in the day to get stuff done. I woke up earlier than I wanted (and have been all week) because I had a one month follow-up foot appointment at 10:30 AM.

Good news! My incisions have healed, and my toe bone has grown more! I still have to wear the bone stimulator, but I don’t have to see him for another two months! On top of that, I can now walk without any duration restrictions. Of course, any pain or swelling occurs, I have to give my foot some time to rest. I am not allowed to go running, but I can now go to physical therapy for toe. Sooo happy 😊

We took our pup to the dog park today. We took it at 5 pm and by 5:30 pm it was pretty dark so we only walked 0.6 miles. I still feel pain on uneven ground, and the dog park was hard snow, but I am feeling very good about walking now and hope to start getting to the gym! I’m thinking I’ll go either before or after class when school starts (mid-January).

After my foot appointment, we decided to go to our favorite brewery for our usual – a slice of pizza, side salad, and a mug of ginger beer. 😋 The last four times we’ve been there, the ginger beer has been disappointing, so I may skip that next time… save me the WW points.

I tried canceling my WW (formally known as Weight Watchers) subscription, but when I signed up in September, I signed up for the 10-month commitment, and I have to pay the $10 until it’s over. So I figured I might as well get back to tracking my food intake and physical activity. Next week, my partner and I are meeting a dietician so that we can learn about nutrition together. We have different views on what is healthy and what is not, so I figured having a specialist with us would be a smart move. I’m glad he is looking forward to it.

Speaking of finances… I read a blog post and was very impressed that it motivated me to sit down, think, and focus on financial goals for 2023. When I talked to him about our budget, we decided to cancel most of our monthly subscriptions:

  • World of Warcraft – $14.99/month
  • World of Warcraft – $12.99/month ($77.94 for 6-month membership)
  • HBO Max – $14.99/month
  • – $14.99/month
  • Bumble – $14.99/month
  • Cricut – $9.99/month
  • Crunchyroll Anime – $9.99/month
  • Starz (Amazon Prime) – $8.99/month
  • Hallmark (Amazon Prime) – $5.99/month

= $107.91! Holy cow! 🐄

I did not realize that we were paying that much for entertainment. Actually, we were paying more because we decided to keep a few of the subscriptions we use on a more daily/weekly basis.

We are still figuring out our budget, but I said I would like to try to limit dining out to $50 or less a week – basically one night out a week. And we would only dine out for special occasions or with friends and family. In addition to saving money, it’ll help us cook more. This also includes my coffee runs, and I want to cut back on buying lattes and make them at home or switch to tea. Last time I cut out coffee and switched to tea, I was losing a little more weight than I was when I was drinking them.

Other goals and tasks that we have discussed were:

  • Clearing our garage. I can not go in there without becoming overestimated by the chaos. I told him that either we need to sell furniture and other belongings that have been there the past 3 years, or we donate or take them to the dump. I said that we are going to start this process before school starts, which would be mid-January. I have plans to turn part of the garage into a photography studio.
  • Taking at least two trips: one to New York & D.C. in March, and the other would be to Washington during the summer.
  • We talked about going camping at least one weekend (I haven’t been since I was like ten years old), as well as go hiking with our dog (and maybe with a group).
  • I am also really considering having ankle surgery again (my right ankle this time), and I know it’ll be a faster recovery than this last surgery. If I do decide, it’ll have to be during a break from school, so maybe during the summer or in December.

I know there are more goals for us, but I cannot think of them at the moment. I’ll be writing another post about my own personal goals in more detail.

But I think that will be all for now, I feel like I’ve talked your eyeballs off 🙂 Good night!

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