Brrrr… it’s cold over here!

Wednesday night through Thursday, it is going to get down to -45°F! It has been 0°F all day, and tomorrow (Tuesday, 12/20), it is supposed to get up to high 20s, so we are expecting more snow. Today, we bought a salt-free ice melt from Petco, and that was $50 for 16 lbs. We got that for our back porch because we can only open our back door enough for the dog to go out and do his business. Yesterday and today, we went to buy bigger bags of pet safe ice melt, and they were out at every store we went to. Hopefully, they will be in stock tomorrow.

I’ve been wanting one for years and finally asked my parents for one this Christmas.

Times like these I am glad that I am not working. I hate driving when it’s snowing and icy… actually, I hate driving in general. It gives me a lot of anxiety, especially the last couple of years. There are so many reckless drivers in town, I don’t understand why they feel the need to run red lights or stop signs.

I can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away. I made the comment that it doesn’t feel like Christmas – I wasn’t saying it to make my partner feel bad. He isn’t really into Christmas or any holiday, really. But it would be fun to enjoy Hallmark, build gingerbread houses, decorate and drink hot cocoa with someone who enjoys doing those kinds of things and not just doing it because I like to. I really do miss my girlfriends, especially around holidays.

Dec 2020 (first Christmas) vs Dec 2022

We haven’t really done Christmas presents the past couple of years, and he was saying how he was going to get my present sometime this week. So that stressed me out because he’s hard to shop for… but I ordered two little things and will order the third thing Christmas Eve. It’s not much, but I think he will appreciate my gifts. 🙂

I also booked us a 90-minute couples massage for Wednesday! I am excited! We also added hot bamboo sticks and hot stones to our package – first time for both add-ons, so that will be an interesting experience.

These past few days, I’ve been thinking about goals for 2023. The only things that come to mind are: graduating, getting healthy, and expanding my photography business.

Initially, I was supposed to graduate a few days ago, but darn health got in the way, and I got behind schedule. Funny thing, my name was printed in the newspaper. It will probably happen again next semester because I applied for graduation but had to drop because of surgery. My partner and I made the joke that someone is going to Google my name and see that I graduated 3 times 😅… and if they send me a diploma, I am not going back 😂. I have to look at my transcript and see where I am again and map out my semesters again, but I anticipate that I may graduate next December. *crossing fingers*

Well, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may know that I’ve had bad luck with my health the past few years. I had a concussion that opened up a can of other health problems, but I feel like things are starting to settle down. My partner and I talked about meeting with a dietician as a couple. When I worked at the hospital full-time, I worked with dieticians, so I learned that way, as well as learned from taking nutrition classes and my own personal research and health journey. I think my partner thinks it’s all about calorie deficit and portion control. Yes, but there are a lot more things to do, such as what you are actually consuming. Anyway, I’m not going to get into it, lol. So that is the plan for the New Year. Plus, once I’m fully recovered and able to do more activities, I am definitely getting back to the gym.

Okay, let’s talk business. I would love that all my income come from my photography business. Right before my emergency surgery, things were starting to pick up, so when surgery happened, I was very disappointed. It was what I had been waiting for, and I really hope another opportunity comes along soon. I’ve been thinking of all the different projects I want to complete this year and ways to grab the attention of potential clients. It is a lot of work, and this industry is quite competitive here in my area, so I know it’ll take time, dedication, and patience.

I’m going to have to make another post in a few days to finish my thoughts. It’s 3 AM (Tuesday), and I probably should get to bed, haha.

Good night, and I hope you all stay warm!

One thought on “Brrrr… it’s cold over here!

  1. Seattle’s having a snow event this morning and the usual crazies are on the road in full force… I’m glad to be staying at the house after an optometry appointment for my youngest early this morning (when the snow first started)! then, lots of buses (transit) got caught without tire chains since the morning started as rain, so there’s that…..

    Here’s to continued progress for you, with your health (and fitness), in the upcoming year. From reading Busy Being Tara the past two and half months, it has sounded to me like you’re very determined, you have the right frame of mind, but that you’re definitely grinding with the tough hand that has been dealt to you that would surely test anyone’s mettle. Hang in there. I enjoy hearing about your plans, it has been a pleasure seeing a selection of your photography and I look forward to seeing more, esp. when you really get the wind behind your sails.

    that’s funny about the diploma announcement snafu, lol! Love the corgi-in-a-cart. oh, and kudos on the snowblower; shoveling is great exercise but mechanical help is the way to go on that one 🙂


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